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'Along the road to recovery'

A project exploring recovery in the

context of mental health

We are community champions brought together by Art4Space, an arts organisation based in Lambeth that connects, enhances and inspires communities through creativity. 


Coming from diverse backgrounds and a range of creative disciplines, we have worked together for eight weeks to create 6 individual reclaimed-textile works that explore recovery in the context of mental health.


We were given full creative control over the process, drawing upon each champion’s strengths to curate a project that we are all proud of. 


Born from this collective process, each piece is shaped by the individual perspective and interpretation of the champion that designed it.

Instagram Intro Pic - Community Champion

The road to recovery is rarely straight and is never easy, the unique nature of this journey is represented by the differences in each piece.


In pursuit of wellbeing, the pieces touch upon themes of care, reflection and optimism.


This project aims to answer Lambeth & Southwark Mind’s call to action, raising awareness of the difficulties faced by many in our local communities - and more importantly - what we can all do to help.

View the 'along the road to recovery' gallery below

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Community Champions: Luisa Tempia, Ellie Roser, Louis Barnard, Sophia Wee Blázquez, Rosie Gearty, Mariana Gonzalez  Loaiza, Martha Scott


Brought together by Art4Space: Project led by Ellie Buckingham & Julie Norburn


Made in partnership with Perspective Project, in support of Lambeth & Southwark Mind

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