Open the conversation about mental health in your workplace today

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As these stats show, openly investing in better workplace mental health is not just a good PR move. 

It may not always be be visible, but mental health is impacting your team and ultimately your business.

The Mental Health Foundation estimates that better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year.

Find out below how you can bring a new perspective on mental health to your workplace.

"The event was extremely successful, attracting a crowd of over 60 people and enabling us to position ourselves as a company that is actively trying to change people’s perceptions of mental health for the better"


- Richard, Creative Director at Fluxx Ltd.

Our approach can raise the topic of mental health in your workplace in an authentic, powerful and creative way.

We see art and creativity as the hook for your employees to see a new perspective on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our services are designed to complement and enhance your wider programme of mental health and well-being reform.


Why not hold your own 'Mental Health Week' of activities? Or pair our sessions with mental health first aid training, to give your team a creative and engaging full-day on mental health awareness, information and practical tools.

Read more about our services below, or contact us to discuss how we can help.

Our services

Art Leasing

Leasing art from us is a powerful and unique way of ensuring the conversation about mental health stays open in your workplace for good. We want managing anxiety, treating depression and self-care to be an explicit part of your office environment.

We have a wide range of art in a fantastic array of styles and subject matter. We will work with your team to design the perfect display for your needs and office environment.


From the stunning fine art of Siris Hill to the eye-catching drawings of Kathryn Watson - we have art and an artist that fits your style.

Prices starting at £50 per month

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Speaking and Live artist demo

The first, and often the most difficult, step when dealing with mental health issues is confronting them openly and honestly.


Caring for our mental health can be especially difficult in a work environment.


Our introductory session, delivered by Perspective Project Founder Mark Anscombe, is designed to kick start an open dialogue about mental health and well-being in your workplace.

We recommend pairing this session with a live demo and talk by one of our artists with lived experience of mental health issues.

Price on request

'Snapshots' Speed Portraiture

Host a fun, creative and social speed portraiture session lead by artist Davina Morgan at your office.


What is Speed Portraiture? Think speed dating without the awkward conversation. Painting without the hours of sitting. Musical chairs without the anxiety.

Our 1 hour session introduces attendees to the beneficial impact of art and creativity on their mental health, even in short bursts. The attendees will be doing something purely creative: not revolving around the deadlines, goals, targets or stresses that are typical of a working day. We will guide attendees to experiment with a range of drawing styles across the session. The aim is not perfection or even artistic merit. The session will be accessible to anyone whether they are a keen artist or have never drawn before.

Prices starting at £175 

Training & Management Workshops

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to workplace mental health. It is clear, however, that investing in your team's mental health and well-being will allow them to perform. Our team and delivery partners Bamboo Mental Health will make brave, bespoke and clear recommendations to improve corporate and employee resilience.

From an organisation wide training event, to smaller management groups or in-meeting leadership sessions, we can design a program that is right for you. Check out some sample sessions below, but feel free to get in touch to discuss a bespoke program.
Awareness Session


Using art, creative visuals and audio prompts as discussion tools to introduce key mental health themes to your team, and to help staff at all levels manage their well-being.
Mental Health for Managers


For your managers and team leaders, covering:

  • How to identify signs of poor mental health

  • How to approach employees and lead a safe conversation

  • How to signpost to support

  • How to seek support or step back

  • How to manage absence and return.

Price on request

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