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Everyday fairytale - Emily Moxon

You wouldn't know it if you saw her.

- The stuff of heroes and heroines -

In every step.

In every smile.

Behind those eyes

a war is raging. This battle

came with a life.

You wouldn't know it if you heard her.

lilting song,

a voice of peace. By piece

she fights.

You wouldn't know it if you joined her.

The dance she walks.

You wouldn't know it if you sensed her

- humanity in her plight.

This girl was sent

to triumph

Never to go softly

in to the night.


"I wrote the below poem shortly after I was discharged from a hospital stay. I had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which related to events from my childhood that I had never dealt with before. I had started getting mental health support for the first time and it led to a crisis.

I wrote this poem in response to some kind words that were said to me by a psychologist, who said that I reminded him of 'the stuff of heroes and heroines'. It got me thinking of the ways in which people can bury trauma, and unhappiness, choosing to show compassion and kindness to others above all else. Since writing this poem I no longer hide behind a smile, and for the first time I am starting to embrace honesty - and with that comes a great sense of freedom, independence and finally some peace, by piece."

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