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The Screamer

Saira-Jayne Jones


"This painting was formed when I was having a particularly bad anxiety day. I felt entirely fizzy and like a raging volcano that was about to erupt. When I can feel the anxious energy inside building like an atomic bomb it makes me feel like I could drop to my knees and scream it all out, like letting out that primal scream would extinguish the flames within and dissipate the energy off into the far flung fractured darkness of oblivion. On this day it felt like the external world was moving too fast and my anxious mind was in warp speed trying to get in front.

My experiences with mental health begun as a child, however I have only been able to fully realise and contextualise this in my mind since beginning therapy again a few months ago. I have an extensive history of childhood trauma and abuse which has led to/propelled my experiences of anxiety and depression. I paint to create some head space, to slow down my thought train and to try and do .something productive with all that negative, depressive and anxious energy I have bubbling around inside."

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