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Mental illness poem - Richard Venning

You break me down, you make me feel there no hope

You make feel there is more darkness than light at the end of that tunnel.

You put awful thoughts in my head -

not good enough and never will be -

You say my dreams will never come true

But I am Stronger than you think and will fight

Despite crap with mental illness,

I will be an inspiration to others

Mental health darkness I may be fighting you,

but the good I do, I never see it

despite the positives, you break me down

I feel broken

but I will win


"I wrote this poem because I deal with mental health issues. It was a sort-through process of how I feel and what I experience on a daily basis, and trying to help others.

This is one of the small steps I take to process my mental health issues. I write poetry to help get through the dark times of mental health, to to remind myself and others that you are not alone"

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