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Count to Ten - Jolene

Stomach churns, nausea rises

heart beats faster.

Thoughts race around

and around your head

chasing each other

in competition

to fully overwhelm you.

Breathe deep,

eyes closed

and focus on the nails pressed to your palm

count to ten

and then count to ten again

and again

until everything slows down

and your thoughts lay down in defeat and exhaustion


"A creative writing module at uni, when my depression was getting worse, inspired me to use poetry as an outlet for what I was feeling.

It was at this time that I was starting to understand how long I had actually been suffering for, and that it wasn't 'just my personality.

So I sat down, and cried, and wrote out what was going on in my head; words, thoughts, feelings. Oh this was so cathartic, and seeing it written down, playing around with the words, was my own form of therapy.

I asked my best friends to read and comment and they had no idea how I was feeling as I'd never had the words before. Now my friends and family are an amazing support network because they, and I, have a better sense of how I feel, more than I ever did!

I'm still struggling daily, I just have an outlet for my negative, racing thoughts."

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