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Kitchen - Phillip Knight

The heart of the home

Painted red with your pain

However will I set foot in there

My steps so careful

As to not tread on where once you lay

I found you a different person

Strength sapped

Your weakness soaked

Into the once bright carpet

Now forever stained

With the memory of helplessness

I freeze as my shadow

Takes your form

Slumped in the shape of birth

On the verge of death

Your character so wasted

I watched as you drain it away

Never will I let a promise fade

No stronger then you am I?

If anything weaker

Less experience, new to loss

And pain and hate

Desire to move on

In you, desire to end

Stay on the page

Create your own ending

Instead of awaiting a future

To see where it goes

You chose to end it

End it alone

My abandoned heart will never forgive

Why would you remove me from your life at this time


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