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How not to peel a pomegranate - Ankita Anand

There are videos, tips in columns, boxes in articles

On the peeling of a pomegranate

In a way that all the seeds come crashing down in your cold steel bowl,

All at the same time

Every single one uprooted from its skin

Before the protective cover is thrown off

(They don't say anything about the dried red on the sides of your fingers)

Why won't we let some things be?


"When it comes to mental health, we are encouraged to share our stories to find solidarity and strength in others. At the same time, the recipients of these tales are advised to listen, not to dismiss. This poem comes from a situation where a vulnerable person gathers the courage to share their story, after having been cajoled by the listener. But the listener has not really been listening and has been unable to hold space for such a deep sharing. The speaker, at this point, is left feeling stranded and even more vulnerable than before."

Read more on Ankita's blog.

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