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Mother - Dannibelle Gunter

As a kid I saw my mum cry,

I heard her sigh, she tried her best,

I sure did put her to the test.

Wondering why things were this way.

It took me to have my own son,

to realise being a mother that its not easily done.

I sometimes cry,

My son says

'Why do u sigh'

I tell him I am trying my best and smile,

but then for a while I think time is ticking away,

My boy is gonna be a man someday

So I show him I love him everyday,

and he shows he me too in that special way.

But i forget to say I love you,

So i'll make a point of it today

So what am trying to say is tell your mother u love her,

It might be hard for some, but you will feel better when it's done.

'cos you only get one mum,

don't let superficial things get in the way.

My mum passed away,

maybe I could of said I loved her every day,

and maybe she would have been here today.


"My mother suffered from mental health issues, and growing up I never quite understood her depression. Now that I am a mother myself, I understand what it is like to be a mother"

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