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The Fog - Jodie Hardy

You wear it like an old black cloak It smothers the light within. Wherever you go, it's always there Keeping out the good people bring. However your feeling it weighs you down, Heavily present thick fog makes it hard to breathe Hard to talk and impossible to leave behind!

It wasn't always this way, Though too long has passed now It's difficult to remember a time before. Before the burden of it all. However, it has been different once It will be again, Just have faith. Believe in your inner lights ability to shine.

Outshine the fear, Leave behind the self doubt, Take off the old cloak It never served you any good. Speak to anyone who'll listen. Forget the fog, don't let it hold you back now You have come so far, don't stop... don't stop now!


"I have always suffered with depression, as far back as I remember. It wasn't until I was 21 when I was diagnosed and it brought everything into focus for me; suddenly I knew why I'd felt the way I had for so long. Quite a few years later I discovered writing poetry helped me understand why I felt the way I did and gave me an outlet for my confusing emotions whilst working through them.

This is a piece I wrote whilst in the depths of a particularly bad period of depression. It straddles three time periods, the past the present and hope for the future."

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