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Lost - Jordana Morgan

Disappearing into the fog,

Will never return to the way the nothing was,

Light is not a friend

Darkness and energy will sweep it silently away

Ignore if you do, don’t speak if you want

The heart is ripped out, the mind is gone

All because care and love was way too much

But this was not enough to survive

The cruel but twisted world of life

Is a web of lies we are meant to warm too…

Warmth from anybody has been a curse

But warmth from nothing

Has left the nothing

Lost walking in the fog, forever and always…

The nothing does not want to feel lost

But the spirit is dwindling day by day

Soon there will be nothing but an empty space

Leaving the nothing

To bow out of the race

And life will keep moving ahead without a thought

As the thoughts of the nothing were always lost in the fog……


"During my highs and lows I find I become quite creative. Almost as if a lightbulb is being switched on for the first time. I get a rush of energy and either brightens my creativity or dims it.

“Lost” was written in the early hours of the morning and it just flowed out of me as I put pen to paper. Thinking of the times I walk past people and feel unacknowledged even when I smile. Or the sense of others how they must feel when they smile and are not acknowledged by myself

I think we become so self consumed in our own lives that we forget that people can also be lost so we should try not to not acknowledge people and instead smile."

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