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Bipolar Mania - Julie Tsiricos

My thoughts are racing, yeah I can rule the world! I walk along the road when I really want to run. Why is everyone so slow today, don’t they know I’ve got somewhere to go? Colours, sounds, feelings are cluttering up my brain, I try to pull them out, there’s no more space in there Space, yes space, I’m floating up, up and away to distant planets. Who wants to go with me? Plenty of room aboard! Look over there, flashes in the sky, multi-coloured miracles, am I the only one who can see them? FASTER, FASTER! my head is going to EXPLODE! Why don’t people get out of my way? I’ve got masses of things to do, mass? isn’t that to do with Einstein? Gravity keeps us all on this planet, I want to plan it. Physics has got nothing on me baby! Got to keep MOVING, MOVING, MOVING got to keep TALKING,TALKING, TALKING Cat got your tongue? Can’t keep still, the blood is rushing through my veins, pushing my heart to its limit But it’s ok I can always get another one, they’re going cheap at the moment. Maybe I don’t need one at all? SOUNDS, SOUNDS, SOUNDS why doesn’t anyone else hear them? I was put on this earth to see everything, be everything. Why doesn’t my body keep up? I’ve been awake all night just planning, but now I have forgotten it all Nevermind, isn’t that an album? There’s still plenty to do Beethoven’s symphony No.5, I wrote that you know, I have written every book in the world! Infamy, infamy! They’ve all got it in for me! I’ve got to tell someone, anyone that nature is a farce Put on this earth to suck out our breath KILL IT, KILL IT, KILL IT! Everything has to change, my brain is screaming out, LET ME FREE, LET ME FREE, LET ME FREE! I’ve got to get away from here, the colours are too bright. Gotta to wear shades to keep out the light Ha Ha that rhymed! I’m a poet and don’t know it! Don’t you know I’ve seen the light? God’s no longer in control, he’s gone on holiday, He gave me full permission to take over running the world! Watch this space, It’s going to be outta space! If only I could sleep, but the CIA have their cameras constantly watching me!


"I have tried to give an idea of how it affects you when you are manic. The racing thoughts, the feeling you can do anything like you are superhuman and the strange connections between topics.

This poem should be read very fast to have the right impact."

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