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No Window Seats - Geoff Aitken

the diagnosis seems to be inherited biologicals not environmental by those who offer their thoughts and prayers –

when mental illness explodes into carnage and when socio-economics or belonging or the lack of a connecting conversation are not determined causal, statistically we medicate and confine treating a symptom, a banal interpretation of something consistently presenting as locational

must our mental institutions become as overcrowded as our prisons before somebody finally realises;

“Houston, I think we have a problem”


"I am considered an 'emerging poet' at my local 'open mic' collective after joining them just last March. I don't shy away from my mental health past but people are still uncertain about the 'politics'. "Is he/she going to hurt/harm me?", or "am I at risk here?" "Mental illness, that means danger, doesn't it?"

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