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Soul Stain - Saira-Jayne Jones

My soul was stole by evil their breath burned into my lungs, siphoning away my freedom,

capturing my once innocence.

My mind has been invaded, consumed by insidious fog, that’s reminiscent of faces, of the monsters I could not fend off.

My heart is numbed and in shackles, unable to beat as once was, because every touch of their vile putrid hands has me corrupted, broken and tortured.

My body was never mine, violated at every turn, taken and used at discretion, crumbled,

abused, never heard.

I’m haunted by faces and feelings, of thoughts that race round my brain, of sensations that jolt through my body like lightening discharging pain.

I’m fighting a war in my own head with people frozen in time, words branded onto their

structures, turmoil flows from their eyes.

I’m trapped in a body that’s vacant, the nothingness has created a hole, where anything that seems like it’s positive quickly hurtles towards.

I’m working on making things better, on reclaiming what’s always been mine, until the filthy foggy faced fukkas decided to cross the line.


"Childhood trauma and abuse has distorted my world. The memories thoughts and feelings can be unrelenting and then suddenly I'm numb, disconnected, distant and consumed by internal emotional pain. I'm on a slow journey of trying to confront the monsters in my head. It's tough but I'm really hoping that I can find some kind of peace in my mind with counselling"

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