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My Mortality

Performance by Joia Nicholson.


"Sia’s videos were my inspiration for the interpretive dance that I choreographed. In fact, her lyrics inspired me too. She sings a lot about depression, suicidal thoughts, and addiction, and I wanted to write a piece about my own wish to escape this life.

When I first saw Sia’s chandelier video, I was captivated. I felt like someone was narrating my life through dance. I started dancing to her videos after that and I dance almost everyday now to release those feelings and find healing.

I was hoping someone might find some sort of healing from watching my video. I hope they see suicide is not the answer and get help for an unhealthy coping mechanisms they have. In the video, you can see the person struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorder, and cutting. The cycle of behaviours continues until it’s too much and they take their life.

Fortunately I have not struggled with all of those, but I have struggled with an eating disorder. I was hospitalized at the age of 12 for anorexia and still do not have healthy thoughts about food or my body. I struggle with depression and anxiety as well. I used to be really ashamed of it, but now I want to be open so I can let others know they are not alone and do my part in helping to end the stigma around mental health."

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