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Sectioned - Julie Tsiricos

The time I got sectioned was a night to remember I can’t recall if it was August or September The long arm of the law came to take me away To a locked building where I had to stay

Clean white sheets, so different to my own Mine left crimson to stop me being alone As I had been left by my long-term lover My next of kin they will soon discover

They bandaged my wrists, I didn’t want to know Why did someone find me before I could go? Medication time, something to make me sleep But I can’t get rid of the thoughts I don’t want to keep

I remember sunny days before I became mad Now it’s always winter, now I’m always sad Screams in the night, is it them or is it me? I lie with my eyes open, but I am unable to see

How long will I be here? When will I get well? I need to get out Of this living hell

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