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Depression & Quiet Heart II - Ires





Into the deep abyss,

Into the unknown;

I am all alone.

Falling, falling, falling...

The wind fluttering past my ears

Deafening the sound

Trying to escape from my throat,

From my frozen lungs;

I can't breathe,

And there's nowhere for me to go

But down...



Quiet Heart II

The sound of a heart breaking is surprisingly quiet. Peace emerging from chaos; shattering and shaking, yet not making a sound. Muffled screams beneath the weight of an ocean; bubbles gently touching the surface, disappearing forever.


"My poems are about my struggle with depression and anxiety, as well as grief and loss. This poem is about wanting to protect my heart after surviving the hardest situation I've ever been through; the infidelity of my husband while we were still technically newlyweds"

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