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ABC February 2018 - Geoff Aitken

“This is the 18th school shooting so far in America in 2018”

why such confusion at

end points such as this?

the western world’s

educational leadership

is in denial

about how we

fail the minds

and futures

of our most vulnerable

the rigidity of curriculum

that earmarks

and nurtures

only the most capable

transitioning those graduates

to community leadership roles

in exact sameness

breeds criminal neglect

those privileged

have not provided

increased opportunities

for more of their ‘siblings’

to minimize

soul destroying envy,

self-loathing, worthlessness

and paralyzing mental illness

this is very much about

indifference to disadvantage

surely our health professionals

can recognize this


"We write and share but the voices are manifold yet there'll be no headlines, no affirmative increased action, consideration or wider community concern we are still to escape that treadmill so often the 'soul of modern life'. I've retired (sounds as if I made such a cricket score I was asked to decline my innings) and now reflect and truly wonder how I got through all those years of senior school teaching. How many more like me?"

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