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Do You Know - Saira-Jayne Jones

Through muffled whispers in my mind the dull cacophony of your commentary pierces my thoughts. Making me overwrought, tumble around in thoughts and feelings and emotions. Creating my own notions of what got me here, amongst this fear, despair and pain. Of what put me in the firing line, of what infiltrated and captured my brain. Pulled the rug from under my feet. Extinguished my soul, made my voice obsolete.

Do you know?


"It's very noisy inside my head most days with all the commentary, chatter, analysis and monitoring of myself and everyone else. Trying to dissect every situation to work it all out to make sure I'm safe; it's exhausting. I use writing both poetry and a journal to try and make some space, create a bit of room and put my chaotic thoughts into some sort of order. It's also quite cathartic to get things out from just being inside your mind."

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