Art by Lauren Drinkwater.

"I suffer from depression and anxiety and have always used art as my form to explore the deep and confusing emotions I feel. It may sound cliche, but I don't know where i would be without art - it saves me on a daily basis.

These pieces are really connected to body image and body acceptance, something that is close to my heart. For me, when I start a drawing I already know that the final outcome will be a total surprise, which used to frustrate me. But, as I've grown as a person and within my art I understand that it's just my personal art flow - for that, I now trust in 'the system' for each piece.

When I'm creating something new I often reflect on my thoughts that have lead me to pick up my computer to start my drawing. This can be dark or negative thoughts, however, I also experience (and adore) drawing when I'm feeling more positive. It's a real beautiful thing for me to see a piece completed because it makes me realise no matter what struggles or intense feelings I'm experiencing, I always come through with a woman who looks strong and real! In many ways, they are all self portraits.

I'm very open with my mental health issues, which actually leads to a lot of my anxiety and depression - 'Am I being too vulnerable?', ' Do people even care about this or me?' and 'Am I worth anything?' Which is why I want to show people, whether affected by mental health or not, that no matter what your beautiful, unique, 'damaged' mind throws at you, YOU will find a little bit more of yourself each time you delve deep into it and learn how to channel those thoughts"

See more of Lauren's work on her Website and Instagram

#Anorexia #Bulimia #Depression #Anxiety

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