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Art by Lauren Drinkwater.

Artwork of woman's naked back, holding her head


"I suffer from depression and anxiety and have always used art as my form to explore the deep and confusing emotions I feel. It may sound cliche, but I don't know where i would be without art - it saves me on a daily basis.

These pieces are really connected to body image and body acceptance, something that is close to my heart. For me, when I start a drawing I already know that the final outcome will be a total surprise, which used to frustrate me. But, as I've grown as a person and within my art I understand that it's just my personal art flow - for that, I now trust in 'the system' for each piece.

When I'm creating something new I often reflect on my thoughts that have lead me to pick up my computer to start my drawing. This can be dark or negative thoughts, however, I also experience (and adore) drawing when I'm feeling more positive. It's a real beautiful thing for me to see a piece completed because it makes me realise no matter what struggles or intense feelings I'm experiencing, I always come through with a woman who looks strong and real! In many ways, they are all self portraits.

I'm very open with my mental health issues, which actually leads to a lot of my anxiety and depression - 'Am I being too vulnerable?', ' Do people even care about this or me?' and 'Am I worth anything?' Which is why I want to show people, whether affected by mental health or not, that no matter what your beautiful, unique, 'damaged' mind throws at you, YOU will find a little bit more of yourself each time you delve deep into it and learn how to channel those thoughts"

See more of Lauren's work on her Website and Instagram

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