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I Am Me - Steven McCrystal

I’ve travelled around my world to several different places

To my heart, to my mind, to my spirit, and maybe even to my soul

Yes. I’m still here. And yes: my heart still beats – although it’s both ripped and torn

A heart that was once in command of me, that now begins to tire, and grow cold

And, as the life blood beats around my veins I know that I am . . . I am.

I know that I am me - my mind, its feelings, and everything it’s seen

All of this becomes my whispered wisdoms: a voice that echoes from the deep

Don’t be a fool, don’t be a nut, don’t do that or you’ll never make the cut...

And, yes: my mind’s cold and careful monologue moves me. Day by day.

My soul still yearns for carefree freedoms. It yearns to have its say - then it shouts:

I am your soul! I am the music! I am the joy, the sorrow, and the pain!

I am the love, and I am the hate: That sip from the devils cup that you always fear to take

I am the wisdom from your foolishness and much, much, more

I am your life; I am your death. I am everything: The beginning and the end

I am all these things inside me. I am the great work of my life.

I am legend. I am free

I am me

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