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The Quiet Room - Julie Tsiricos

I am in the quiet room,

But it is far from that.

I have been screaming my head off

For at least 20mins,

But I am not sure quite how long

As there is no clock in this room.

Time stood still.

My life stood still.

Anything could be happening outside,

A nuclear war perhaps.

But I am cocooned in this space

Nothing can touch me.

I stop screaming

As there’s is no point.

No-one can hear me

They are all going about their duties

On the ward.

I look around and try to make out

The dimensions of the room.

I lie down flat, it is double my height,

Perhaps a bit more.

It is a perfect square

That annoys me for some reason,

But I’m not sure why

I strain to listen for any noise

But there is nothing.

I think this must be what it is like

To be dead

Total nothingness

I wondered if I tried hard enough,

I could get my soul to float out of my body.

Out of this room and into the atmosphere

Never to be seen again.

I liked the idea of floating.

I would be like an angel

With the power to conquer the devil

Who has been tormenting me for so long.

But my thoughts come to an abrupt end

When I hear the door being unlocked.

“Feeling more calm now?” the nurse asks.

We have called for the psychiatrist

To come and speak to you.

I knew what that meant,

Another increase in my medication

A chemical restraint

So I am less trouble for the staff

An easy life for them

An easier life for me they think.

But they haven’t got a clue

Of the turmoil that is still inside my head.

I think to myself

Welcome back to the real world.


I have never been put in the quiet room, but I tried to imagine what it would be like to be in there. How someone would pass their time in there.

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