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Ugly Head of Depression

Samantha Hickman

"It's that time again when I write about how I'm feeling in the hopes of helping myself out of a slump. There's quite a lot of discussion about depression and anxiety out there but there's always room for more normalising I say.

Every now and again I find myself falling back into a place of doom and gloom and stress and tension and it's happened again. These days it normally takes a few days of me taking time to realise what's going on and I can stop it in its tracks. Let's hope it's that easy this time.

I'm mostly struggling to concentrate on anything.

Last year I was asked by my local arts group to do a talk on my exhibition and how I got there. I decided to face the demon of nervousness (should draw her sometime) and agreed. Of course, it took until last week, the week before the talk, to actually plan it. I knew I was going to be anxious - I took my propranolol in anticipation - but I was also looking forward to it a tiny bit too."

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