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Painted Rocks

Art by Julie Kilminster


As an artist and someone who occasionally suffers with poor mental health I am undertaking a long term project with the aim of promoting healthy conversation about mental health issues.

This project has seen me decorating a special series of 10 stones to hide, each has a different motto on. The mottos are meant to act as points of conversation between children and their parents /carers and touch upon philosophy in a very light way.

I am hoping that people will find the rocks, have a conversation then photo and post the rock online before rehiding. The title of this part of my project is "mental health Rocks".

I am also hoping that people get involved by decorating and hiding their own rocks.

I am a studio holder at Two Queens studios and gallery in Leicester and can be found there on most of my days off working on creative projects.

#Depression #Anxiety #Recovery #Stigma

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