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In Times of Mind: Hope - Ian Schlein

In times of mind, Through experience, I lose myself.

I see, and think, and feel, And lose to myself.

I circle and dive, I resurface; To a confused sea.

I struggled against The currents within; And the steep mountain ahead.

I swim and climb; alone: Against the winds within.

In the blackness, Without light, I turn searching, For landfall, or the smallest foothold.

I am alone.

I reach out my hand, In one final grasp at survival.

...And suddenly, I feel The grip I have been seeking.

I am held afloat, A firm foot hold found,

It is love, And family, And friendship; It was there all the time.

The light of the beacon, Always shines; My blindness was from within.

The light now guides me; The light now fills me.

I now sail and trek forth, In light, in love; With hope.


“After 38 years of working in the same job I retired thinking all my stress and anxiety would go away. However, after so many years I found that my illness was more a part of me than actually ‘me’. Due to tragedy in my life those 38+ years crashed down on me like a tsunami, incapacitating me and requiring extensive treatment and recovery.

Part of that recovery has been getting back to writing my blog and poetry. This is the first poem I wrote in recovery and is basically unedited from the first draft. I know now that there is always hope.”

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