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Clara Bolle

"Because of the restrictions of lockdown, people wear face-masks. These face-masks hide peoples faces but also their emotions and expressions. As someone who finds it hard to rad people I'm experiencing some trouble in my social interaction. My imagination starts to stir (good for art and thinking but it also enhances my anxiety). So I started to look for people's hands to discover their true intentions. What do they feel? Are they angry or not? How old is this person? etc. My work is the way I express my impressions.

As a philosopher I view my writings and art as tools to do research. My main question in relation to thinking and making is: What does it mean to be your body instead of having a body? My aim is to think of bodies in a non-medical, anti-capitalist way and look for other ways to experience our bodies."

See more on Clara’s Instagram and Website #anxiety #lockdown #self-expression

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