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A Young Girl and A Young Boy - Brittany Jaquith

A young girl, living at home. In a place where she hated.

A young girl, going to school. In a place where she didn't belong.

A young girl, in her room. Where the demons found her.

A young girl, on the bathroom floor. Where she tried to end it all.

A young boy, living at home. Wondering why he was so messed up.

A young boy, going to school. Where nobody liked him.

A young boy, sitting on his bed. Wondering where it all went wrong.

A young boy, needing some help. So, he texted someone he trusted.

A young girl, sitting on the bathroom floor. A bottle of pills in her hand.

A young girl, sitting on the bathroom floor. Her phone vibrating in her pocket.

A young girl, taking out her phone. Never wanting to ignore people like they did to her.

A young girl, crying on the bathroom floor. He texted her to thank her for always being there for him.

A young girl and a young boy, struggling together but getting through it in the end.


"This is a free verse poem about me after breaking up with my abusive ex and meeting someone who at the same time was having as much trouble with his own depression and demons. We texted each other often to make sure the other was okay and even had a code word for when we needed the other to talk to."

#Depression #Abuse #Recovery #Support #Recovery

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