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Algorithmic Scream

Mick Flaherty


"I am a multi-disciplined artist who uses the creative process as a means of silencing the chatter of the mind. Art becomes a means to by-pass the rational analysis of the ego as to get out of one’s own way, and, as such, the artist unravels themselves in their absurdity before the world. Everything I make is the work of someone who has a personality disorder and has spent 5 years using art, self psychology, mediation and philosophy to work through that.

The result becomes a dialogue of the subconscious in the Surrealist sense of automation. And the underlaying themes of the work are me attempting to unravel the contents of my own personal unconscious, in a way that resembles the integration of one’s own shadow as described in the psychoanalytical theories of Carl Jung.

Forms that are suggestive of landscape, figures, and architecture arise out of the work in a way that resembles the faint echo of the memory of a dream that one recalls upon reaching the waking state. The work becomes the sensation of the memory. The symboliser of the impact of a particular emotional response, thought pattern, or deep-rooted belief system, that I like everyone else, carry around in a state that we are mostly unaware of.

As such the work becomes a means of transforming negatively held subconscious programming into a productive creative process, that stands before the viewer as a mirror to recognise the dimension of perception from where the work arises, and as to identify where their real true selves end and their thoughts and belief systems begin."

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