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Alone - Preston Lee


"When I began to screen-write this film, it was a film that hit extremely close to home. I, along with many friends and family members, have struggled with mental health issues, and recognising the importance in normalising the talk on mental health and creating awareness on such a sensitive subject was my main goal. Through the process of developing the story, and working together with the actor Sebastian Dellacava, we soon recognised how important it is to bring attention to the loneliness, isolation, and the detrimental effects that COVID-19 has put all of us through. This film recognises this loneliness, but also recognises that there are so many people that care and are willing to reach out. Just one person reaching out can save a life. I wanted this film to highlight the importance of checking in on friends and family, as many people struggle unnoticed by their peers and family. This film has, and continues to push the message that you are never alone, calling upon the audience to reach out." Follow Preston on Instagram

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