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Attic Brain

Catriona Clark


" I find it’s necessary to utilise the visual arts to represent what often goes ‘unseen’. As an artist with a medical history of Dissociative disorders, I know the experience of 'invisible illness' first hand. Dissociation related disorders come in many individual shapes and sizes, like dissociative amnesia, derealisation, depersonalisation to even dissociative identity disorder. Dissociative disorders are the 3rd most common symptoms experienced when it comes to mental health (first being anxiety and depression), yet most medical professionals have very limited resources and knowledge.

For me this chronic unreality is expressed through perceptive and sensory detachment; the disconnected sense of self and environment.

It is known that information both visual and perceptual orientate us in this reality, so when our reality breaks down so does the information with it. The off angles and abstraction of shapes build my reality where derealisation - a disorder with being out of touch with environmental reality, and depersonalisation- a disorder making it difficult to stay grounded with your own body, are both prevalent. My series of works share this experience in such a way to spread awareness and tell my personal story with such misunderstood conditions of the mind."

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