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Autumn - Michelle Palmer

The leaves actively whistle through the crisp yellow reef

they saturate time evolving in the dark curved words tumbling in dubious layers deafly.

implying the actions without voiced optimism

imposing a false feeling restlessly

growing stale the leafs recoil by a half a million

pile and gluttonise the pavement park

scratching in mid gravity a alluring act flipping a improper concern

darkly imprinting and vastly opening to the enveloped improved world

one that took my vital tool and based on past meetings the last copy purely notched into my reproduced memories

the autumn awareness gone

lost in the self absorbed telepathic connection

the ancient civilisation gone

polluted pouring through the autumns mountain tops the mouth of the mountain

collapsed with sudden confusion in the morning atmosphere

covered in grey alluring dust curved in natures woken world.


“This piece of work was influenced by emotions and the feeling of losing control and having no faith in life the shapes and colours imply a lot. I don’t know how the future will be but we can only hope it gets better.”

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