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Bare Naked Truth



"My art is my therapy and my way of coping is to create artwork of how I'm feeling. I've lived with depression and anxiety since early childhood and I'm starting to realise that I’m likely to be Autistic/possibly have Asperger and ADHD. I experience periods of deep depression and often suffer with insomnia. During my most difficult times I become the most creative and consumed in my artwork.

Here is a self portrait titled: 'Bare naked truth.' The reason was to highlight all my flaws. I started this during the first lockdown during the summer of 2020. I had moved out into a tiny studio flat and broken up with the person I thought I would be with forever. I had flights booked for Vietnam to start a new life which were cancelled 3 times. Someone close to me passed and the uncertainty of the world made many days meaningless. I was stuck, alone, often going days or weeks without any contact from anyone - if the phone did ring I often couldn't face answering.

This is me at my worst, the raw painful experience of it. I never intended to show anyone this, it was my process of facing the misery, accept it and move forward."

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