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Brian Trees

“I painted Bi-Polar during a dark and troublesome time and the process helped me sort out my thoughts.

It is intended to be frenetic because that is how my brain feels at times (and indeed while I was painting it). There is simply too much going on. It’s like having tinnitus and wanting to hold my ears and shut my eyes to push away the noise. Or, feeling like the filament of a light bulb is in my head and those little wires just keep buzzing, buzzing, buzzing and I can’t get to them to make them stop.

I wish more people could understand how complicated Bipolar Disorder can be – it creates exhilaration, danger, inspiration, creativity, fascination, energy and doubt, often one right after another or even at the same time.

Creating 'Bi-Polar' was a healthy process, though I’ll admit that looking at it can be unsettling for me.”

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