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Bipolar Bees

Steven McCrystal

Steven McCrystal

Steven McCrystal


"The paintings represent stability, mania, and psychosis.

I'm bipolar and have had varying types of traumas over the years. Thankfully I've only had five major relapses in the last 20 years but those potent experiences last a lifetime.

I picked up art somewhere along the therapeutic journey and I've kept it close to my heart ever since.

I love it. I love art.

It adds substance to your life. I think it's a great way of expressing complex thoughts and emotions in a creative way that other people can visualise and feel part of.

Each individual painting represents a bipolar state of mind.

We all have busy bee days and I hope the viewer can relate to how busy a bipolar mind gets during full blown mania and psychosis.

The black bits that are missing represent losing yourself in the blackness that follows a psychotic episode"

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