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Davinia Watson


"My passion for art started at High School, I always dreamed of a career in stage design for the London Theatre scene. I then decided to pursue a corporate career after being told that you could never make a living from Art. I spent the last 16 years in various high level Procurement roles, so sadly my art took a back seat.

On the back of the global pandemic and being stuck in lockdown, working a high pressured corporate job from home whilst homeschooling my 5 year old son on my own, I picked the brush up again in order to aid the mounting pressures of this bizarre new life, support my wellbeing and channel some positivity into people's souls.

In addition, I have PTSD which was brought on from a traumatic pregnancy - I lost my waters at 21 weeks of pregnancy and was told to terminate my baby as he had 2% chance of survival. I made it to 27 weeks and then had my baby by C-section - we both nearly lost our lives whilst in my C-section and my baby spent 70 days in intensive care. He is 6 years old now but I still have flashbacks but manage it as well as I can. I’ve had EMDR therapy.

I also have the breast and ovarian cancer gene mutation (Brca1) I’ve had my ovaries removed 2 years ago at age 40 so am in surgical menopause. I am currently being seen at a number of hospitals to have a preventative double mastectomy.

Art saved me and I am now looking to do my art full time. My work is all about body positive confidence, celebrating all bodies and love."

See more of Davinia's art on her website & instagram.

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