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Demons - DinkyDav

Demons around me

Demons surround me

I'm having a good day, yet somehow they've found me

They attack my mind

And make me depressed

Now I don't feel right

And my head's a mess

I'm overthinking everything, I'm filled with doubt

They're clouding my judgement, I can't find a way out

Happy thoughts don't work, it's all a lie

I feel so lonely with nobody at my side

I just want to feel loved, why can't I feel that?

I just want one person to have my back

So I can start to cherish and appreciate life

But I guess I'm not that lucky and blessed, right?


"This poem is influenced by mental health as everybody has Demons, but some are more drastic than others. This poem is for those whose Demons are the worst to cope with and I just want you to know that you are never alone. You may feel like it, but you have love and support wherever you are."

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