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Alessia Camoirano Bruges


"This painting explores identity and the concept of being disembodied.

This painting represents being part of something greater than ourselves. Each line represents being disembodied, I exist without my body.

Regarding disembodied, I follow the same methodology that I do for every painting. The lines of the painting and the tile, aim to represent the fact that I am more than just a body, my body is just flesh and bones, I exist further than my body.

In a society that aims for the destruction of individuality and objectifies humans, this painting wants to start a conversation on how our identity is sometimes corrupted because of external factors that influence how we perceive our body and how our body should look like. Especially as a woman, I feel constantly the pressure of being a vessel for physical pleasure rather than a human being with a soul and mind.

Therefore the question, who am I outside my physical body?

My mind, my thoughts, my words, my art, they travel faster than my body does, they exist in a not physical dimension.

She wants more than before

Hiding from myself I will pour

Poison inside my lungs

I can’t feel anything at all

And it’s my body and it’s my choice

But they will lacerate my voice

Cutting my spine filling my void

I have to find a way

She is ready to seize my day

And show me corners

where I will have to grasp for air"

Alessia is a half Italian half Colombian artist and film-maker based in London. Her art is an intense emotional reaction to the current world. Through her fluid abstract paintings and texts, Alessia Camoirano Bruges encourages a conversation around identity and human experience. Alessia's fine art portrays intense powerful images and colours, psychedelic. She wants to create a sense of confusion, as she feels inside.

Alessia's hands are guided by her needs as a woman and inner child, in a society that aims for the destruction of individuality. In order to convey her message, Alessia writes and paints very fast, her work is an outburst, a need, something unique. Art is a way for Alessia to stay present and let go, a way to explore her own identity, creating is a need. She allows her hands to follow the deepest corners of her mind and let go while pouring down the colours. Many times she felt trapped by her own emotions which fueled deeper her anxieties, her sense of confusion towards her own identity, society and time. Therefore she portrays them as fluid rivers. Creating became a need for Alessia and she researches and portray questions such as What does it mean being a woman in the XIX century? How do I perceive my body and how do other perceive it? Where do I come from? Who am I really? Each painting has lyrics which accompany the painting. Alessia experiments with fine art as well as text, photography and language. With her art, Alessia wants to create a space to talk about mental health and women empowerment.

I gave my paintings the name because many times my anxieties and emotions were stigmatized, mocked. Sentences such as "women are too emotional" "You should not feel like that" etc when all I wanted was to express myself. Therefore I used the term intensity and emotional to create something meaningful for me and hopefully for others.

See more of Alessia's work on her Instagram and website.

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