Eleanor Cowell


"My practice focuses on themes around mental health, drawing from my emotions and experiences and those of others to try and help explain and explore the subject in a hopefully approachable way. Recently I did a project about beds; for me my bed is the place I feel safest and most secure, so when dealing with mental health I see the bed as a symbol of sanctuary. At the moment, many of my friends including myself have been living abroad temporarily on study abroad schemes, and I have visited a few of them in their different countries. In this time for me the bed becomes even more like home, and so I created a photography set to describe this feeling of dislocated new re-homing. Change in any sense is scary and I wanted to show these people in their manufactured comfort zone. All the people pictured encounter different forms of mental health issues and I want to commemorate their strength through these images."

#Depression #Safety #Student

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