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Elephant In The Room (And On My Chest) - R.S Green

There’s an elephant in the room

And it’s sat on my chest.

Feeling out of breath

My heart’s bursting through my vest.

I can’t rest,

Pulse races,

Nervous about faces.

A trip to the store is as daunting

As a day at the races;

Crowds or shops

Can’t stop - the shakes start in my hand.

Nellie sits on my chest

I don’t feel like I can stand.

Not planned

Not scheduled

I want my money back

There’s an elephant on my chest

Called panic attack.


R.S Green is a former secondary school English teacher who lives in the north of England. He stopped teaching due to a long term mental health condition and writes about family, love, mental illness and experiences working in war-zones.

His writing about mental health addresses suicide, anxiety, depression and experiences as a survivor of rape and having grown up in a house in which domestic abuse was common.

See more work on instagram.

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