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Evocative Thoughts

Lize Krüger


"During my artistic career, I’ve developed my own visual language. In addition, I use general and personal symbolic images to convey my messages. Trauma is part of our human experience, and through my work, I try to make sense of this collective aspect which few of us will be able to escape.

Life consists of polarities, and I refuse to shy away from them. I am driven by justice, equality, children’s rights, and to de-stigmatise mental health issues. However, rightly or wrongly, my approach is to bring beauty to all these challenging issues. Sometimes even the most difficult aspects in life have the potential to offer us an incredible gift. First, however, we have to be brave and willing enough to see it.

I only recently explored digital media as an extra tool for expression, which I combine with more traditional methods. This interdisciplinary medium I use and how one image can evolve into another really excites me. I find it to be an incredible process that often takes me on surprising journeys of discovery.

I prefer to work with accidental elements that occur when I superimpose images. It forces me to adjust and to find new potential in what is in front of me. I love the challenge the process presents to me because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. It is also the perfect analogue to my personal life. I had to reinvent myself numerous times, so this creative method works very well for me.

With my work, I want to create a message that finds a perfect balance between the reaction of my viewer and the emotion it invokes with which they can personally relate."

See more of Lize's work on her website & instagram.

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