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Forgive Me - Mark Russell

I am staring at a majesty;

Slumbering mountain hills lie dormant. Long, dark silhouette cast against Oranges, whites, blues, yellows Of a sunset's subtle sublimity.

Green climbs grey As trees, shrubs, fields Claw their way up the mountain, Evading the encroaching city.

From my window Houses, buildings, Rooftops, cranes, Pipes, lights Together resemble An invading army; Marching on the mountain, Destroying everything Green and natural In its way.

Even the treetops I can see Dotted around the city Are surrounded by buildings.


Little pockets of battles On the front line.

Trees ambushed And encircled In hazy suffocation.

All this under the reluctant Light of the retreating sun As it turns its back On us for another day.

I am staring at a majesty, And rediscovering how much I value creativity (again).

I am staring at a majesty, But had the audacity To contemplate suicide (again).

Forgive me, For I had just Temporarily forgotten How wonderful life can be.

#Depression #Suicide #Recovery

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