Free - Jordanna-Leigh

My eye creates a tear and as it drops from my face,

I sit and I ponder about the whole of the human race.

Such pain and such suffering is all I can see;

my mind is on fire, causing chaos deep within me.

I brew and I brew, over my long and complex past,

my soul embalming itself into a protective cast.

A cast that shields me, from any other human being;

keeping me at bay and alone - oh it's all so freeing!

I haven't gotten far with this new poem I've written,

but I can assure you all, that you'll soon be smitten.

Smitten with my words and all the rhymes that I write;

thank you for reading- it's my delight.


"I write about child sexual abuse and mental health based on my own experiences."

Find more of Jordanna's work on her website.

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