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Greek Islands Forever

Ania Derewienko


"I started painting back in 2016 and have continued my creative explorations ever since. I have always been passionate about all things artistic, but I have never created paintings or learned to paint. My professional career has always been connected with foreign languages and I used to work in a corporate environment. Things changed dramatically in 2014 when I suffered a tragic accident which made me wheelchair bound. I nearly lost my life and the trauma behind all the tragic events prior and after the accident resulted in PTSD and severe depression. It wasn’t getting any better until I met my art therapist who is a professional painter. It was him who talked me into painting and probably gave me the most precious advice ever when it comes to creation: Remember, it should always be about fun. As long as you’re enjoying it, keep on doing it.

Painting has since become a crucial part of my life and literally brought me back to life.

I feel happy when I create, so I am pretty sure that painting is gonna stay with me forever. I love colours and most of my paintings are full of vivid colours. I love to experiment with techniques and textures and my art is still evolving. Most of my paintings are abstract in nature, but from time to time I paint landscapes, flowers or portraits for example.

I feel a strong connection with Frida Kahlo and her artwork, as she was struggling with health issues and pain all her life and her experiences shaped her art in a similar way as they shaped mine. In 2018 I painted a very simple portrait of Frida which was shown on two local exhibitions of paintings along with my other works.

I am constantly creating new stuff, experimenting with photography, writing (poems), short videos and graphic design.

There is nothing that I could not transform into art and that’s what my power is all about."

See more of Ania's work on Instagram.

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