Halfway House - Tara Rai



No start

No edge



Empty realisations

Liberate a false you

Plot an escape

From the prison

With no key

And no door

Keep trying

To break out

The wheel turns

Without judgement

Where will you run to?

The halfway house

On a mountain

Made of dust?

Climb to the top

Only to find

Another summit

To scale barefoot

Breathe in

Take it in

For this is

All you have


”The poem was written during a journey to India over the winter months. I went away for the third time alone to get some perspective on my purpose and well-being. I have been spending many years holistically trying to overcome an injury that happened to me at birth which almost paralysed my right arm. During this journey in particular, I discovered so many layers of false beliefs and fears in my psyche. As each layer dissolved, I discovered new ones which became an obsession; the seeker wanted to peel the onion in one sitting. This poem is an ode to this sacred journey to nowhere, in which I now embrace each step of the way instead of rushing to some ideal of perfection.”

#Recovery #Therapy

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