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I Knew You Before

Claudette Martinez

"I knew you before

your heart was

battered and torn,

before your brain was clouded and worn.

I knew you before

your hands and words would shake,

when there wasn't the need to lasso your soul and pull you awake.

I knew you before

you were bones and skin, when you'd do anything, fight to the death to win.

I knew you before

your sorrow carried for all to hear,

when we shared countless tears,

before all those years.

I knew you before

anguish and pain,

when your spirit was raw, open for all to see,

nothing to hide your heart open and free.

I knew you before

we fell to the floor feeling nothing no more,

when we closed the door locked it with grief,

and left with no chance of reprieve.

I knew you before."

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