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I'm fine

Jeyinn Wong


"This painting depicts a girl struggling with mental health issues. A part of her is intact while another half is broken. A wounded girl lives inside her but even when she is in pain, she still says, "I’m fine".

She once said that she was not okay but that resulted in other people accusing her of always being the one with problems. A defence mechanism is built. She has only said that she is fine ever since. The girl conceals her agony and insecurities with a mask, trying hard to portray only the best version of herself to the outside world.

But, there is a breaking point and she is only human after all.

Her emotional bucket overflows and cracks begin to develop in the mask that she has painstakingly tried to keep on.

“I am hurting on the inside but I feel like I can’t show it because there is so much stigma around mental health. I don’t know when I will explode but I’m trying my best to avoid that. People just don’t get it.”

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