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"Is Anybody Out There? No"

Jasmine Cortes

"I have been creating work since I was thirteen years old and I was hooked then to have a creative side. I make work that focuses on my experience with mental health/illness struggles. I make work that releases my anxieties and it brings me to a comforting and grounding place. I have lived with this for most of my life and have grown tremendously through it.

Years ago I viewed it with negativity and had felt so hopeless and unworthy. I sank into major depression after losing my uncle to suicide and I became lost since conversations about mental health weren’t spoken about. That was a heavy experience and as a teen it lowered my self esteem. I felt ashamed in who I was. Throughout the past ten years, I have not only learned how to manage it but have thrived. I have been able to live a wonderful life so far and am proud to say these disorders are have become a superpower for me. I am a compassionate and empathetic advocate for mental health."

See more of Jasmine's work on instagram.

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