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Island Mind - Georgia Arben-Crowther

Cascading cacophony caves

Who I sometimes call myself goes rattling,

Phony waves, like rattlesnake kisses,

I deposit my limbs,

While he swims,

Through crimson swamps.

Limp, the bees swarm,

They are fuzzy, kind in fact,

Offering sweet amber, no suicide bombers.

Like me, these bees,

Cling to their one shot


An elephant is pretty,

Yet we must feed,

The only way is a bite at a time,

Chewing excessively, my temples ache

While what we’ve become ruptures into earthquakes.

Oh, in the chaos,

We don’t settle, just flee, knee to knee.

Lets hide on a small island,

You’re kind, you isolate me.

You’re wise, together we rise

Climbing ridges, the creases underpin,

all I have started to unhinge.

Disinhibit me plump head, slender bodies

Waving in windy wastelands, where Delphi outstretches,

A lover in each locket,

A pickpocket of astronauts cockpit

We shoot off in shuttles,

One by one,

Each rising sun unseen,

Will beam in the one you just so happen to reach.

Madeira beckons like a far off dream,

The green land atop the sea,

Watching the list quiver,

Our anticipation barely holds its tether,

Decisions define me,

Passenger seat, I’m stuck,

Watching the hourglass empty

Body draining, could never sustain,

Entropy, look at me, I’m an accident waiting to happen,

too many close calls.

Cascading cacophony caves,

Who I sometimes call myself goes rattling

Into the waves.


"Here is a poem called ‘Island Mind' and the sculpture that was inspired by it. I wrote the poem in a state of panic due to anxiety of making decisions. My mental health is similar to nature, so the waves refer to the constructive and destructive states of mind that fluctuate. While the island concept links to feeling detached and being my own sustainable ecosystem."

See more of Georgia's work on instagram.

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