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Landscapes of Fire

Pia Järvinen

"I’m a Finnish abstract artist living in Manchester. I recall feelings of hopelessness early on as a teenager and by the age 18 I had attempted suicide. I grew into deep depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Art was always a way to express a range of my emotions, anger, sadness and longing for love, but I had no confidence showing much of what I created to anyone else. I saw myself hardly worthy of living, let alone to be regarded as an artist.

I haven’t always been creating abstract paintings, but I now feel very much in harmony with this method and style. My paintings reflect the peaceful and playful self that is now emerging. My path to recovery has been long and the belief that I could ever be happy was deeply buried, yet there was always a little speck of hope somewhere. I wish to send that message of hope for all those who are on their journey and needs to hear it.

Recovery is possible. I’m now 42 years old and life is unfolding beautifully. Don’t get me wrong, I still experience life’s up and downs, but I can happily say that I am no longer experiencing depression, anxiety or eating disorders. Now my artwork is a channel of my enjoyment and growth, and it’s helping me break through barriers that I could never imagine myself going beyond.

I recently lost my father unexpectedly. Life with him was not easy as I was growing up and I didn’t always feel or want to be connected to him. In recent years I found my peace with him but also a way for us to really see one another. He was a talented photographer and when I started showing up with my artwork, he was finally able to show me the support and pride he had for me. We finally had a shared language in arts. And even though this has been a difficult time, I am so grateful of where we ended. This painting is one I made directly after he passed away to process my feelings."

Find more of Pia's work on Instagram.

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