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Little Me

My Illustrated Mind


"In 2016, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. Since then, art in conjunction with schema therapy has helped me gain a deep understanding of my internal power struggles, which has paved the way for emotional healing.

I’ve been having schema therapy for the last 3 years, to try and heal my wounds from the past. Part of this work is nurturing the little me inside and giving her what she never got. It’s hard for me to reach her though, because she can be clouded by pain. In this illustration, I was trying to strengthen my connection to little me. To recognise her wants and needs. To feel what it’s like to be her and to be around her. She is pure and without judgement. She is full of love. She is the essence of me and so, I’m trying to listen to her more and let her guide me as my compass."

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